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Birthdate:Jun 17
Location:United States of America

My name is Amber and like many of you know, it is a really common name in the world today. I am student currently working towards her degree in the Criminal Justice field.
I'm from the United States and if you are wondering which state, it is New Mexico. By my ancestory, I am Scottish and English (UK). I have a bit of Native American, but I'm only like 1/16th. Not enough to prove very much. In my childhood I was a mirror image of Ami/Sailor Mercury and now in I'm a mirror image
of myself, thankfully.

Online I've gone by many names. The main reason for that was because I never could stick to one simple username and stay with it. Or if I did keep using my long time usernames, I was never able to simply keep with them. I have been around on the Internet for
many years already for someone from my generation. I first started to appear on Sailor Moon websites as early as 2003 but I never understood what a forum was. I did not even know there were other types of websites other than .ORG, .NET, or .COM. Like many anime fans (or maybe no so many),
my first times on the Internet were reading fanfiction. I did not know they were fanfiction at the time but the one of the very first websites I ever visited on the Internet was From there I clicked away and got plugged into the Sailor Moon
online community. I have visited numerous Sailor Moon domains over the years and sadly, I have to note, that many of these websites are no longer around. I am a staff member on and I also adore visiting Usagi and Mamoru's Universe,, and many more. Some are sadly gone now. I also currently a trouble checker at TFL in the Animation category.

I was and I still am a member of the Cherry Hill ( and Amy's Lounge ( roleplay members that still lurk around on the Internet. Probably one of the first non-Sailor Moon forums I ever visited and posted at was this forum. It was joined by
several members from Cherry Hill and Amy's Lounge. I have been a member of Cherry Hill since April 2005 where I posted as Chibi-Earth, my own fanmade Sailor Senshi (also called an Otaku Senshi). Chibi-Earth has been around long before I ever got onto the Internet because when we were younger, we would play around as cartoon characters. Of course, we made our own characters and Chibi-Earth stuck with me since then. She has existed for about 11 years. Kind of hard to imagine, huh? XD The character has since then been modified and is not actively used much
anymore, but she is my "baby" when it comes to all fanfiction and/or fan related materials.

As for my personality, I am a slightly shy and quiet girl. I never really like to tell people my problems and I adore being around people even if I'm not a really social person (this has changed in recent years). I love media (depending on what it is) and I love my friends and family. I am also a Christian and I have almost gone to church for half of my life. However, I do not try and flaunt my beliefs onto you. If there is a conversation opened up about God and Jesus, I am willing
to talk about it but I never try to offend people. I actually am attending a Christian university that I adore as well! ♥

Profile stylesheet credit was lost after my account got hacked temporarily and is not mine. If anyone knows, please let me know. (:

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