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2025-12-28 07:26 pm
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Well, I guess you have not acciddently found your way over here, have you? :D

My name is Amber and this is my private/semiprivate blog at times. There are always random entries, some rants, fan girl modes, and the talk about my faith in God. I am normally a pretty friendly person and I am always willing to make new friends. Please note that this journal is semi-private so you must be a friend to read.

If you are looking for my network/domain please visit there. If you are wanting to follow me on YouTube, Twitter, or FF.net please feel free to click those links. (:

If you know me from one of the following places, feel free to leave a comment and I'll add you as a friend:

PrincessSerenity.net - Kagome (Staff Member for Site Content aka Outer Guardian)
TAFL/TFL- Amber/Rei Hino (for fanlistings/interests)
NFA Community - Kagome/Amber (NCIS Forum/Fanfiction Community)

If you know me from church/school/whatever, feel free to comment and tell me who you are. I'd like to know before I add random people on here. PS: If you are interested in my writing journal, feel free to stop by here.

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