eienmelody: (donnie1)
2015-07-28 07:04 pm

My Definition of Lazy

Hello folks, I've decided to go ahead and update this journal. It seems some people are still posting in their journals. While I doubt anyone comments or reads mine (who am I kidding?), I will say update.

Please note this journal is still on semi-hiatus. I won’t be actively going and reading everyone’s entries every week. I do plan, however, to start trying to go through and read entries once every two weeks or when I can log in on my cellphone – which has become my second computer at times when I'm too exhausted to log onto my laptop or desktop computer.

I got a response from a fellow web designer about my recent emails…and she noted I used the word “lazy” when describing myself with my web design and in general, my life.

The thing is, the word “lazy” in my vocabulary is not the meaning everyone makes it out to be.

I am busy most days. Not all…but most. There days, however, when I have free time I like to spend those gaming (specifically Star Wars: The Old Republic) or just browsing online. Some days I don’t even load my email at all and read the content of the emails.

Sure, my web design email and my personal emails send alerts to my iPhone. I have it set that way for most reasons including: emails about trouble checks, staffing duties (at TFL), personal message notices (NFA/TFL), emails from my cousins/extended family, fanfiction, and so much more.

However, I also work two jobs. I’m a manager at Taco Bell (okay shift leader/hourly manager) and work as a pharmacy technician a few nights a week at Walgreens. I have little time for much because I’m trying to get my butt back into college.

I am saving money so I can go back to school. Between Obama’s stupid healthcare law – requiring me to have insurance when I can’t afford it monthly or get fined at the beginning of January 2016.

I owe $15, 587 (USD) towards my last semester of school. My transcripts are locked – which means until I pay that school off – I cannot get into another college/university without lying. I cannot get aid...which means I could get expelled from another university. I make at one job $15/hr which each paycheck I loose almost $200 in taxes. Second job I barely get $9/hr for 20 hours a week. This means, working about 60 hours a week..I'm making more money now than I did when I was waiting tables and had money to pay my school bill (and I didn't...which was stupid of me).

With the economy being the way it is, I have had to put of my own dreams to stay alive and put food on my table. I've had to say instead of paying towards my school bill, I'll pay $10 to an icecream or a month's subscription of Star Wars: TOR if it means I can come home and relax.

So, for my definition of lazy, it means I have to update when I want to and can update, then by all means…I will. I live my life for me and my future husband. The price of keeping my sanity and allowing me to keep doing my online hobbies and real world hobbies…if it means allowing me to avoid my emails for a few hours…then I will.

Until next time!