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 There was once a time when I wanted to have a Sailor Moon website and it be popular. That was over seven years ago when I first got into web design. I bought a domain, Eien-Melody.net just for that purpose. Named after the Japanese song Eien no Melody that was the background midi file for the old SailorMars.com when it was active.
Things have changed and I figured it is time I do to. I once had a Sailor Moon/Inuyasha website (for an old popular fanfiction that sucks so badly), a Dawn/Hikari (Pokemon) fansite, a Sailor Moon domain directory, started a Dragonball fansite in late 2009 that took until early 2011 to open, and of course, start my own fanlisting collective. I even started a few projects that was supposed to be an Inuyasha/Kagome couple tribute page and a Donatello fansite as well. Many of these projects are closed or on hiatus. The only one still active is my Dragonball fansite and sadly, those pages are even far less than Sailor Moon websites closing.
This decision has come a lot to many people. We just find ourselves in a time of our lives we no longer update websites. Often, fansites are getting replaced by Facebook pages and fandoms slowly dwindle and change. In fact, <a href="http://hoshichan.com">Hoshichan</a> recently closed her two Sailor Moon websites...one that had been around since 1997.
I used to begin to wonder why people let their websites close until I started to be in those shoes for seven years now. In those seven years I've fought hard to earn myself a minor name on the web. I've never had a popular interface amongst TFL/TAFL users, have few followers on Twitter, and loss contact with almost all of my old online friends but three (John, Kei/Tyrone, and Glowstick/Ally). PS.net's forums died over two years ago and I only rarely see posts from Rydell.  I've met new online friends (or not so new now) such as April, Usagi (UMU.com), Mayum, Buruma, Beth, the entire NFA Community, and of course, that one user from Fanfiction.net (NeoMiniTails) who I barely know but like to keep in contact with every now.
I haven't been on the web that long but the time has been plentiful. I've always enjoyed writing fanfiction. I've done it long before I learned how to create a simple text link on a web page. Such as time has passed, I've been through a lot. Too much to begin to even put on here without having to split everything up.
My decision is to slowly start decreasing my web design activities and focus on those that I've wanted to do for years. Update my Dragonball fansite, reopen that Sailor Moon directory (possibly), redo that Dawn/Hikari shrine I made, and maintain fanlistings with a smaller number of hobbies.
But yet my big wish is that as I start to get back into school after a semester off is to get back into writing. Writing has always been a creative outlet and while writing fanfiction may seem weird to some now...I like to keep my creative mind going by doing something that comes easier than web design. Writing has been something I've done to express things. Many projects never get published though I write them. Some take forever to get done because of life.
I'll focus on my web projects and consolidate many of them. I may let go of some domains I've owned for a few years now (Charming-Up.org, despite my love for Pokemon) and revamp my personal domain. One thing is I love my first domain and while I'll never get rid of it (I couldn't bare the thought of losing something close in my life after all these years), it is time redesign my web projects, update many links, and of course, get back to my writing.
I want to get back to blogging (more mature blogging, even here on LJ) and maybe help me keep my expressive outlet going. I quit making music videos years ago something which I began long before I ever could write properly. It was one of my expressive outlets. Web design has now taken place of that hobby. I miss making videos and who knows, maybe some day I'll return to that stuff. However, I have decided to take some time to devout to my writing and get "my roots." I no longer do RPGs (haha, miss those days though ): ) and rarely post on forums except one.
Amber will still be here but she needs use some of her time to be herself and not feel burdened by web design to be her main priority all the time. Now she needs to focus on getting some web projects done and get those WIPs from over three years ago done on Fanfiction.net. :)

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