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I've decided to make my blog a bit more public so people can read it if they choose. Some entries will still be private. However, there are few entries I've decided I may write in the future to show that this thing is somewhat active. Please note, there is some "religious" stuff in this post but hey, you can sub out the prayer for mediation time or something else you do. I am just coming from my own POV.

I have been working at a restaurant we will call the 'DC' for online purposes. I work as a server there and the hours just seem to drag on times. So many times I've wanted to just quit and try to find a job elsewhere, but I just find myself lacking the ability. I need the job to pay rent, have food, and gas money to stay alive during school.

The tips are an advantage but the downfall is the people you deal with. Tables worrying about their food, servers stealing silverware - which makes me wonder how mature actually some of my older co-workers are, angry managers on wrong food orders, and do not get me started on the sidework.

Too many times that job makes me feel like you are on a emotional roller coaster each week. Some times you have a good day but lately it feels if the bad days out number the good days. The best solution I've always done is not take my work home with me. It has always done me good for the most part.

The negative side is those emotions still stick with you. You need to find a way to "de-stress" after working - especially in the customer service industry. I do not believe though it should be done with alcohol. People chose the alcohol because it gets them to relax and feel better. I do not mind the casual drink myself.

Even then, sometimes 'DC' wants to make me drink because of place. People just make me exhausted being there. I'm such an introvert that trying to work in the customer service industry sucks...seriously. It makes me feel t

However, I've found that exercising or doing a hobby I enjoy while taking out some of those emotions (in a good way) have helped me feel better. I pray a lot, yes, but even then at times I think God is just telling me, "Go run. Go write, do something to help you cope so you can understand why I put you through those trials."

Now, I do not believe it is a substitute for talking with God but sometimes I do not want to pray that angry or that annoyed. I guess part of it is because I know better...way better. But while I try to come to God as I am, I just sometimes as a human  have to release those emotions in my hobbies. (:

I also find listening to music helps after work or even spend a minute forcing yourself to slowly take deep breaths also help. What are some methods you use or suggest?

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